Bath Slough Restoration Plan

The Bath Slough Restoration Plan recommends strategies and actions to improve the ecological and community values of Bath Slough and its surrounding corridor. The slough has potential to be an ecologically important natural area in the urbanized landscape of north-central Richmond, as well as a community asset for recreation, transportation, and green space in the developing Cambie Neighbourhood. The slough as one of the last historic waterways in the City of Richmond.

This project was initiated by the City of Richmond’s Environmental Sustainability Department to develop vegetation management recommendations for controlling invasive plant species along the Bath Slough corridor. However, it was quickly apparent that resources to address the extensive infestations of Himalayan blackberry and reed canary grass were not available, and that adaptations and improvements to the slough’s existing condition would be a more effective strategy for restoring or enhancing ecological health. A review of recreation patterns and the surrounding land use identified the lack of a distinct identity and practical issues of access and neighbourhood connections as a critical issues for the slough’s long-term health. Without greater community interest and involvement, activities and resources to improve ecological health will remain limited.


Location: Bath Slough, north central portion of City of Richmond, BC
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Raincoast Applied Ecology
May 2011 to Spring 2012
Bath Slough Restoration Plan + Appendices