Coastal Sand Ecosystem Status Report

Coastal sand ecosystems such as dunes and spits are rare in British Columbia and support a disproportionately high number of rare species and ecological communities. The purpose of the status report is to provide a foundation for ecosystem-based recovery planning to conserve species and ecological communities in coastal sand ecosystems. It provides information on geomorphology, coastal processes, ecological patterns, species and ecological communities, ethnoecology, threats, and ecosystem trends to improve the collective knowledge about these ecosystems, and to assist with recovery planning.

Coastal sand ecosystems in BC are not well studied relative to forested, grassland, or meadow ecosystems. They contain sparsely-vegetated or herbaceous ecological communities, as well as associated forest, wetland, and bluff communities. Coastal sand ecosystems occur at the intersection of marine and terrestrial realms where ecological patterns are structured by geomorphic and oceanographic disturbance processes.

Location: Coastal BC
Parks Canada
Parks Canada (Ross Vennesland), Raincoast Applied Ecology, Ian Walker (UVIC)
January 2010 to March 2011
2011 Coastal Sand Ecosystem Status Report + website