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Raincoast Applied Ecology

We work in urban and rural landscapes of the south coast of British Columbia on projects at the intersection of ecological and social systems. Our projects range from spatial analyses of landscape-scale ecological patterns, to surveys of rare butterflies, monitoring programs for stream health, and the design of river restoration projects. We provide expertise in six areas: (1) urban stream and watershed management; (2) environmental monitoring; (3) species at risk recovery; (4) plant ecology; (5) environmental planning and policy; and (6) ecological design.  We often work as part of inter-disciplinary teams made up of water resources engineers, landscape architects, planners, and wildlife biologists. Raincoast Applied Ecology was started in 2003 and is based in Vancouver, BC.
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Nick Page  BLA, MSc, RPBio

Nick is a professional biologist who works on the assessment, restoration, and management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in coastal BC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture (UBC, 1993) and completed a master’s of environmental studies at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at UBC in 2003. His thesis focused on local- and regional-scale patterns of exotic plant species in sand beach plant communities on Vancouver Island.

His recent work has focused on biodiversity conservation in urban landscapes, stormwater planning, urban environmental design, and plant community ecology in BC’s south coast. His stormwater work includes stream assessments, water quality and benthic invertebrate monitoring, watershed-scale land cover assessment, and habitat restoration planning. He is also involved in the recovery of species at risk and is a technical advisor to the provincial invertebrate recovery team. His conservation work has focused on rare butterflies and moths, and the management of coastal sand ecosystems (spits and dunes).
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Claudia Schaefer  MSc, RPBio

Claudia is a professional biologist with a Master’s degree in Plant Ecology (University of Guelph, 1996). She specializes in vegetation mapping and large and small-scale assessments of rare species and plant communities.

Claudia has worked throughout the province on vegetation ranging from interior grasslands to coastal wetlands. Claudia has been a project manager, chief mapper and report writer for numerous large-scale Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) projects. She was an integral part of the multi-year SEI for the Sunshine Coast and related islands, conducted by the Ministry of Environment. She also mapped sensitive ecosystems near Sooke (see 2011 Otter Point SEI Report).

Claudia’s recent projects have included surveys of coastal sand ecosystems, species at risk surveys in the Georgia Basin, and Element Occurrence work on peatlands of the south coast and Vancouver Island for the BC Conservation Data Centre.
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