Jericho Beach Restoration Project

The Vancouver Park Board recently restored ecological and recreational values in a 175 m wide bay in Jericho Park by removing an 80 year old concrete wharf left over from the site’s early military use. The project was divided into two phases. In the first phase, Vancouver Pile Driving demolished a 150 m x 40 m concrete wharf structure supported by over 650 creosoted piles. The wharf was the last piece of the Jericho Seaplane Base and Army facility that was started in the late 1920s, but failure of the underlying pile structure and impacts to ecological values necessitated its removal. The picture above shows the east end of the wharf part way through removal in September 2011.

The new bay restores a sand-dominated shoreline that provides habitat for shore spawning species such as Pacific Sand Lance and Surf Smelt. The second phase will be completed in spring 2013 and focuses on the restoration of the marine riparian zone including trails, marine riparian plantings, and viewing platform. The goal of the second phase is to continue the work done by the Vancouver Park Board, the Jericho Park Stewardship Group, and others to restore ecological features and functions in Jericho Park.

Location: Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Moffatt and Nichol Engineers, Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architects, Raincoast Applied Ecology
May 2011 to Spring 2013
Jericho Wharf Removal (photos of Phase 1 demolition)