Otter Point Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory

The Otter Point Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI) mapped remnant rare and fragile terrestrial ecosystems as part of the Official Community Plan (OCP) update. Sensitive ecosystems help maintain clean water, prevent erosion, support fish and wildlife, and help define Otter Point’s rural character and natural beauty. Conservation planning for sensitive ecosystems and other ecological features will be integrated with a variety of land use planning decisions as part of the OCP update.

We mapped 370 SE polygons in the Otter Point area ranging in size from 0.02 ha to 85.6 ha. Most polygons represent a single class and subclass, while the remainder were mapped as complexes containing two or three ecosystem types. In total, there were 429 occurrences of sensitive ecosystem types and 63 occurrences of other important ecosystems.

Location: Otter Point, Vancouver Island (west of Sooke).
Capital Regional District
HB Lanarc (lead) and Raincoast Applied Ecology
May 2010 to Fall 2011
2011 Otter Point SEI Report