Pitt Polder Vegetation Assessment

Funding to Ducks Unlimited from the BC Parks Community Legacy Program supported a conservation assessment of wetland and upslope ecosystems within and surrounding the Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve. The Ecological Reserve was designated in 1980 to “preserve a fragment of rapidly disappearing Fraser Valley boglands”.

Fifteen plant communities were described in the study area from a preliminary analysis of vegetation data collected from 45 plots. Many of the forest and wetland communities mapped in the study area are considered at‐risk by the BC Conservation Data Centre. Two red‐listed and two blue‐listed forest ecological communities are represented in the study area by young forest stands, and the peatland communities of the study area are also considered regionally‐ or provincially‐rare.

Location: Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Raincoast Applied Ecology
May 2011 to Fall 2012
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