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Surveys for Taylor’s Checkerspot and Other Rare Butterflies on Denman, Hornby, and Southeastern Vancouver Island
Reports: 2007 Denman-Hornby Butterfly Survey | 2008 Denman-Courtenay Checkerspot Study2008 Shawnigan Butterfly Survey | 2009 Surveys on Southeastern Vancouver Island 2009-2010 Victoria Butterfly and Moth SurveyTaylor’s Checkerspot habitat poster 2010.

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Sand-Verbena Moth Feeding on Yellow Sand-Verbena. Sand-verbena Moth video.

COSEWIC Status Report on Anarta edwardsii (Edward’s Beach Moth). Download status report (website link).

COSEWIC Status Reports on Copablepharon longipenne (Dusky Dune Moth), Copablepharon grandis (Pale Yellow Dune Moth), and Copablepharon viridisparsa. Download status report on Dusky Dune Moth + Download status report on Pale Yellow Dune Moth (website link).



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